(A000-002) Probiotic : BIO3

รหัสสินค้า : PRO B3001


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BIO 3 provides various Bacillus spp. Probiotics which are beneficial for utilization and health promotion.


BIO 3 biotechnologically formulated. With the use of natural ingredients, the product is environmental friendly and safe for the animals and users.


Each 1 kilogram of Biota Pro contains

         1 x 1011 CFU      Bacillus subtilis

         1 x 1011   CFU      Bacillus licheniformis

         1 x 1011   CFU      Bacillus megaterium


Direction For Use:

BIO 3 is a ready to use formula. Supplement 1 g of BIO 3 per 1 kg of feed. Use Bio 3 regularly to enhance feed efficiency in livestock and aquaculture. Application in farmer animals is also recommended for the control of undesirable odor from animal waste and for the improvement of water quality in aquaculture.


Suggestions and Safe Handing

When correctly used, there is no toxicity hazard in the use in the use of BIO 3

1. Avoid the use of antimicrobials or antiseptic during the application.

2. Keep out of the reach of children

3. Store in dry place, avoid excess humidity or sunlight.

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