(A000-001) Probiotic : BIOTA

รหัสสินค้า : PRO BT001


350.00 ฿

ราคารวม 350.00 ฿




BIOTA contains 3 different species of probiotic Bacillus

Each 1 kilogram of Biota contains

         1 x 1010 CFU      Bacillus subtilis

         1 x 1010   CFU      Bacillus licheniformis

         1 x 1010   CFU      Bacillus megaterium

Probiotic bacteria improve feed utilization via mechanisms of the efficient digestion and nutrient absorption. For wastewater treatment, probiotic bacteria assist the decomposition of organic matter in soil and water. The probiotic bacteria competitively inhibit growth of pathogens.


BIOTA is biotechnologically invented product. With the use of natural carrier, BIOTA provides a non-synthetic, safe and environmentally friendly application for livestock and aquatic animals.



Improves digestive system in fish and decomposition of organic matter in the water


Benefit of probiotic feeding supplementation

1.     Probiotic feeding supplementation support the microbiota balance in digestive system, improves digestion and absorption, and leads to bettergrowth rate and feed conversion ratio (FCR).

2.     Health promotion.

3.     Probiotic bacteria on the pond bottom also provides advantageous effect on the organic waste decomposition, minimizes the sediment and fouling odor in the pond.


Benefit of water quality maintenance

1.  Apply 1 kg BIOTA per 2 acres, weekly.

2.  Competitive inhibition against growth of opportunistic pathogens.

3.  Balance pond ecology with advantageous microflora.

4.  Minimize organic waste, fouling odors, sludge or pollution in the aquaculture environment.

5.  Different species of Bacillus in BIOTA draw synergistic probiotic effect, BIOTA work effectively in both anaerobic and anaerobic conditions.

6.  The probiotic BIOTA should be applied regularly through an entire crop until harvest.

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